Active Directory Restore in windows server 2008 r2

Using Active Directory Restore mode

If some deleted component of “Active Directory” need to recover we can use active directory recycle bin but if more component need to recover then we must be need to restore active directory. We cannot restore active directory from windows normal mood. So we need to restore it from Active Directory Restore Mode. In this mode active directory become stop with its all service and dependence. Before restoring I get a System State Backup by windows server backup.

My main domain server name is “vm102” and the domain name is “”.

Start Pc @ active directory restore mode

 Click on Start button go to Administrative Tools click on System Configuration.

 restore 1

On System Configuration dialog box click on boot tab.

From boot option check on safe boot button then click on active directory repair radio button and click on ok button.

restore 2

The pc restarted and start safe mode with active directory restore mode.

In log on window user name text box write administrator and in the password text box give active directory restore mode password that we give at the time of active directory installation.

Click on arrow button or press enter from keyboard.


Start active directory restore.


Click on start button go to all programs menu click on accessories click on system tools and click on windows server backup.

From windows server backup dialog box click on recover.

 restore 3

After click on recover the recovery wizard started.

In getting started dialog box click on this server (vm102) radio button. (If anybody backup data in tap drive or other backup media and other location then click on a backup storage on another location and show the media or location) then click on next  button.

restore 4

From select backup data dialog box click on the date 25 (of which dates data we want to restore) and click on next button.

restore 5

In select recovery type box click on system state radio button (Because system state contains all the components of active directory) and click on next button.

restore 6

From select location for system state recovery box click on original location radio button check on perform an authoritative restore of active directory files check box and click on next button.

restore 7

In confirmation dialog box click on recover button.

restore 8

After recovery complete the pc take restart and then also log on as administrator user name & password is restore mode password.


Return to normal mode

Now click on Start button go to Administrative Tools click on System Configuration again.

restore 9


On System Configuration dia


log box click on boot tab.

From boot option uncheck safe boot button.

restore 10

Then click on General tab.

From startup selection box click on normal startup radio button and click ok button.

restore 11

Then restart the pc and now it start on normal mode. We can log on as domain users or administrator.

restore 12

I just delete the marked users and restore active directory. After restore it comes again and performs nicely.


Every problem has it's own solution. But we need to find it and solve.

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Mithun Dey

Every problem has it's own solution. But we need to find it and solve.

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