RODC (Read Only Domain Controller) Deployment in Windows Server 2008 r2

Using dcpromo.exe

 Dcpromo.exe is a GUI base wizard tool. By this tool we can add and remove “Active Directory” and other domain controllers.

My main domain server name is “vm102” and RODC server name is “vm103”.And the domain name is “”.

Before starting rodc installation we must check that the forest functional level must be windows server 2003 or higher. If the forest functional level is windows server 2000 we must need to raise the functional level.

Raising forest functional level

Go to START button then Administrative Tools then click Active Directory Domains and Trusts.

On Active Directory Domains and Trusts dialog box right click on Active Directory Domains and Trusts [] (Here is my own AD server and domain.) click Raise Forest Functional Level then raise forest functional level to Windows Server 2003.

RODC Diploy1


Deploying RODC in a member server

Before deploying RODC, it must be confirmed that the computer is to be a member of domain and the DNS & default gateway address are proper.

Click START button click Run.

In Run dialog box write dcpromo in open dropdown box and click Ok button.

RODC Diploy2

Then Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard started.

Click Next button.

RODC Diploy3

From Choose a Deployment Configuration box click on Existing Forest and add a domain controller to an existing domain radio button then click on next button.

RODC Diploy4

In network credentials box check the “domain name” click on my current logon credentials radio button then click next button.

RODC Diploy5

From select a domain box select the domain and click next button. (Note: Here I’ve only one domain so it is showing as a forest root domain.)

RODC Diploy6

From select a site box click on default-first-site-name from sites box then click next button.

RODC Diploy7

In  additional domain controller options box click on read-only domain controller (RODC) check box and click on next button.

RODC Diploy8

In delegation of RODC installation and administration box click next button.

RODC Diploy9

In the Location for Database. Log Files. and SYSVOLE box click on next button.

RODC Diploy10

In directory service restore mode administrator password box write same password in password and confirm password text box and click next button.

RODC Diploy11

RODC installation started.

RODC Diploy12

After completing installation click Finish from summary box. And click on restart button.

RODC Diploy13



Every problem has it's own solution. But we need to find it and solve.

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Mithun Dey

Every problem has it's own solution. But we need to find it and solve.

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