How to create roaming user profile ?

We can create roaming profile in 2 different way depends on our need.

1. From Active directory users and computers.

2. From Group policy.

But for both process we need to have a shared location where profiles need to save. And also securing shared location we need to change security permission.

For shared location we create a folder named Roaming profile then right click to the folder name and click on properties.


Click on Advanced Sharing.


Check Share this folder check box. Then click on Permissions.


Add Authenticated user and domain admins or domain users + domain admins


Remove everyone.


Give domain admins Full Control and authenticated/domain users user Change + Read permissions.



Again right click to the folder name and click on properties.


Go to Security tab. Then click Advanced.


Click on Disable Inheritance.



Then click OK.


1. From Active directory users and computers.

Go to Active directory users and computersselect an user and go to Properties.


Go to Profile tab in profile path give the shared location with %username% (Here \\dc\roaming Profile\%username%) then click ok.



Roaming profile configuration done.

2. From Group policy.

Go to group policy management console. Create a new GPO then right click and click Edit.



GO to Computer Policy->Computer Configuration->administrative Templates->System->User Profiles.

Enable Set roaming profile path for all users logging into this computer and provide the shared location with %username% (Here \\dc\roaming Profile\%username%) then click OK.



Also enable Add the Administrators security group to roaming profiles.



Then go to command terminal and write command gpupdate /force.

Roaming profile configuration done.


Every problem has it's own solution. But we need to find it and solve.

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6 comments on “How to create roaming user profile ?
  1. Great blog, thank you very much

  2. Parakum says:

    Hi Mithun,
    Thank you for sharing this.
    However, I am receiving an error saying if there is a way to deploy the Roaming profiles using Group Policy.

  3. Deniss says:

    Hi !
    I am stuck with this roaming profile. Please any one had problems like, if you putting path manually (opening user in AD and entering path for user profile location) all works fine. When I am enabling GPO with the exactly same path, wont work at all. Only user folder creating n share path, but nothing inside this folder, all “Profile folders” staying locally on PC.. Domain Windows 2016, user host Windows 10.
    Thanks !

  4. mattpace97 says:

    Very well detailed and helpful! Much appreciated!

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Every problem has it's own solution. But we need to find it and solve.

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